Know more about Magic Tricks

Magic shows are very enthralling. The people sitting there are staring in wonder at the magician doing his magic tricks. Most of these tricks are all sleight of hand and full of illusions. They are about dexterity, smart reflexes and presentation as well. A magician has to be quick and fast and not give away his trick or someone would find out he’s a fake.
 Instructional books  about magic tricks will often not include essential things about it.If everyone were to disclose their trick there would be no magic in magic anymore. There are a lot of sites out there that are dedicated to breaking the magicians code and getting more and more magic tricks revealed.

There are also countless DVDs and books on magic tricks that have been written. Masters will never tell you how to do magic tricks There are plenty of old magic tricks, but in order to keep the watchers involved, these have to be updated constantly. And when other people from outside the industry figure out these tricks, then new ones will have to be made. This process goes on and on. The important thing that you have to remember is that you should perfect one trick before you can move onto another. This way you have the confidence to manipulate your audience better

 Misdirection is the concept that most magicians use. They show you one thing while directing you to look somewhere else.Since you are looking elsewhere, they can manipulate the prop and before you realise it, they’ve done a magic trick and you weren’t even aware that they tricked you. There are so many different kinds of tricks, that all they need to do is distract you even for the tiniest second and you wouldn’t know you were cheated.

There are many sites dedicated to revealing these tricks. Some tricks are quite straightforward while some of them are quite challenging to understand. One of the biggest distractions on stage is not the illusionist but the helper herself. Most of the time it will be a woman who is dressed quite provocatively so as tograb attention away for a second or two.